1. Smart Consolidation

The Smart Consolidation service is designed for customers who make purchases from different merchants or in various vendors in the United States and / or Europe and they need to optimize their costs.

This service allows our customers to accumulate purchases on a period of 30 days. After the consolidation date, the service groups and/or combines packages sorting the category of the products bought and customs laws of the respective countries in order to make the shipments as economical and effective as possible for our customers.

2. How to activate the Smart Consolidation?

To activate this service, access your account and go to My Shipping/Consolidation. There you will have the option to Activate Consolidation.

Your packages will be held for consolidation from the next day of the date of consolidation up to thirty days.

3. How do we process the Smart Consolidation?

Every shipment receive in SkyBOX is process and they show the status “waiting for consolidation”. Therefore, packages would be held for thirty days, starting from the date of consolidation is activated. When performing the sending of consolidated packages you will receive an email and you will see in My SkyBOX / My shipments the consolidated shipping information.

The package information (weight, dimensions, etc.) is shown in our tracking by clicking on see more details.

4. How do we process the Smart Consolidation?

Every shipment has the option box so to select the packages.

If you wish to receive a package, or packages, before the automatic consolidation date simply check the box on the packages you wish to send and click SEND CONSOLIDATION

5. How do we process the Smart Consolidation?

The system will show you the packages you have selected with the description and value of each one. Please review the consolidation and click on CONSOLIDATE to finish the process.

The status of those packages will change to consolidated.

6. How do we process the Smart Consolidation?

When the consolidation is finished you will be able to see the new tracking number for this shipment that holds the selected packages.

You will see this tracking number is each consolidated package.

7. How do we process the Smart Consolidation?

The system will charge the shipping costs with the payment method you have selected in your account.

If you have Bank deposit available in your country you will receive an email to follow the instructions.

Once the payment is processed the shipment is out for delivery to its final destination.

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