SkyBOX Shops for You

Your personal shopper.

You tell us what you want to buy and we will send you a quote with all costs included in 24 hours.

The price includes the product, the local shipping, insurance, customs and international shipping to your doorstep.

You check, approve and we carry out the purchase in your name and inform the process step by step.

SkyBOX Shops for You

Locate the store and the product you want to buy.

Complete the purchase request with the product information: link, category, price in US $ and the approximate weight and then click CALCULATE.

You will get the final price in dollars delivered to your home or office with all costs included (shipping, insurance and customs).

Click the ADD button.

After reviewing the information in your order, click on SEND REQUEST.

Requests will be quoted within 48 hours.

SkyBOX Shops for You

Confirm your request.

You will receive an email requesting a confirmation for the quote.

Go to SkyBOX Shops for You section and you will see your order pending QUOTE.

Click QUOTE a.
Select the payment method, accept the terms and conditions and click PAY.

SkyBOX Shops for You

We will receive your confirmation of purchase and we will carry out the purchase in your name.

You can view the detailed information of the order at any time on SkyBOX Shops for You section.

Finally SkyBOX will deliver your shopping in the comfort of your home or office.

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